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Rock Black Veil Brides

Unmaad 2012 is my second experience with organizing a cultural fest, and I have to say the best part of the process is working with the different personalities within the committee. A small team of 40 pulling off a huge fest is no small feat, making team dynamics all the more important. This article is dedicated to those people who have made these last two years so memorable, and who have taught me how a well-oiled machine really runs.

The fuel that runs our fest, and any big event really, is also that which drives all us one-track-minded management students- money! Our largest vertical is hence the sponsorship team, a group of people with a single goal in mind: how can we swindle this poor soul out of his stash? Running the show is an imposing character known for his quick wit, immense sarcastic talent and fantastic DJ-ing ability. His senior team consists of 5 others who have trained their minions to look for cash in the most remote nooks and crannies. From personal experience I can tell you these guys can seriously talk you into a corner!

The Sponsor and Events teams are invariably at loggerheads, with Events coming up with ideas each grander than the next, much to the chagrin of the increasingly frustrated Sponsor guys. The Events head is a lovable Mallu with a penchant for good whiskey (no stereotype intended please) and conversation. His little team of bubbly ideators is known for the loudest meetings on campus. He is entrusted with the frustrating job of managing these creative spirits and he does it well: the laughter in his room is accompanied by a steady stream of innovative ideas that make Unmaad a haven for participants across spectrum's each year.

But what is a festival without audience? And that is where the artistic Publicity team comes in. The artists of the publicity team are adept at grabbing eyeballs; last year's Therefore I am theme was so well received that its Corna symbol mascot became commonplace in all photos and discussions. The female head of this team runs a tight ship and is one of the most well-rounded people I have ever met in my life. Her solidly reliable and chilled out team is the rock that many of us depend on in crunch times.

And then of course, last but certainly not least, are the men who make it all come together, the much revered and feared Infrastructure team. From managing the venues to ensuring that the vendors are on their toes at all times, these magic men make Unmaad a reality year after year. One would expect the leader of such a team to be a rather foreboding character, but he is in fact a very chilled out yet hard working man of few words. These men of action ensure that everything is in place during the fest, and are possibly under the most amount of pressure in those last 3 days.

The four verticals work in sync, puppeteered by the man who calls the shots- our jovial Cultural Secretary, an ever smiling and always-ready-to-party guy with a taste for old Hindi and rock music and rather Uncle-like dance moves. Under his command, the fest promises to be a good time.

With these main characters and their teams, Unmaad 2012 is bound to be an adventure, with new and better ideas coming up every day. Do try to come down and check it out- if it turns out to be as much fun as organizing it has been, then you'll be missing something if you don't!

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